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April 14, 2008



I so agree with you on everything.I am not going alot anymore as a sahm it's not possible, once a week is lovely..have a great week.


Hmmm, my wife is a partner. I know a lot about the company and stuff I shouldn't know. It's possible things did get lost, but I have to say they are working hard. Maybe the "skinny" thing isn't for you, but you got to take some risks and offer some beverages seen as healthy.

We also have to make sure we separate Howard owning the Sonics and being the CEO of Starbucks. Those are two very different things. As you know, there's a lot of talk about him and the team. Does it all really matter? I think people are done financing new stadiums with public money.

Sorry, I got off track. I'm glad to see you're still a fan and still own shares. There's more good stuff coming, I promise. Get that card going and it doesn't have to be a Duetto card.

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