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March 02, 2009



I found this post very interesting and informative as Lent is not practiced in my religion. Thanks for sharing!!

little miss mel

I am episcopalian and I don't remember half of that. hahaha. Terrible, I know.

Thanks for getting me up to speed :)


In my religion (Eastern Orthodox), fasting - in food - means giving up any food of animal origin for the whole 40 days, except for 2 Sundays, where fish is allowed. So, no dairy products, no animal fats (butter!), no eggs, no meat and almost always no sweets, as most contain at least one of the above.

I was never able to. Also, from sunrise on Friday before Easter to Easter nigh (saturday midnight) a good Orthodox should not eat and drink anything. At all. I am doing this yearly just to test my resistance - but only with food, not drinks (I do water and coffee).

Fasting also occurs (without these 2 days of completely black food/water intake) 40 days before Christmas, 2 weeks before Assumption of Mary, one week for St Peter and Paul in June, and in some other days, basically each Wednesday and Friday in a week.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Did you just say that Jewish women have facial hair or did I read that wrong?

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