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January 16, 2009



I don't think pulls would look bad at all. You can find some really cute pulls out there. Might spice things up a little!


I am on the fence. Can you attach them temporarily some how to see how they'll look?

Anonymous New York

Hmm. You know the ones that come down from the top of the cabinet door? Like you would make a "come hither" motion with your hand to open the bottom one? Maybe that in stainless to match the majority of your appliances. I don't think that would be as noticeable and it would cover up the wear and tear on the cabinet itself.


If you go with pulls, you need them on all of the doors, I say. Of course, I'm obsessed with symmetry, so the thought of pulls on just some doors and not others kills me. How about an alternative? Do you pull the pantry doors from the side? Are they thick enough that you could (maybe with a router or something like that) put an indent along the door's edge, into which your fingers would fit, giving you something to grasp, rather than the face of the door? I'm thinking of a dado in woodworking, where you make a deep groove? (And then put in a biscuit to join the piece to another piece with a matching dado.)


It might be weird to only have pulls on the pantry. Can you attach those magnetic latch thingies that would release the doors when you push them in?

little miss mel

we have the tot locks for our cabinets below and after 5 years of use, you can start to see the circles on the wood from placing the magnet there time after time, so I wouldn't recommend it.

I am all about being practical, so put the "knobs" on the ones you need, see how it looks, then fill in the rest when you can. :)


Like 10lbs and merrymishaps, I feel that if one cabinet has pulls, all need them. Otherwise you'll have a "half-done" look.
Let me comment further that your kitchen is so eerily neat that I now fear you. (Or do you have a hidden laundry basket full of financial statements, bills that you have already paid online, catalogs, magazines, notices from the school, event programs, and that little rubber stopper from _something_ ...?)

All Adither

Holy cow your house is clean.


I like 10lbs suggestion of a little indentation on the tops/bottoms of the cabinets to give you something get a hold of to pull them open. I wonder if you could replace just the doors if you can find doors to match the color?

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