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October 12, 2008


Anonymous New York

That looks good! I love meatloaf but my husband would probably eat whole charcoal brickettes before eating meatloaf. I could make it for my siblings, though. Meatloaf was certainly a staple in our house when we were growing up.

Great pictures!


This looks great - I will def. try this. My husband is "mister meatloaf" and he always makes the all-ground-beef kind (with onions and bread crumbs); I like the sound of spinach addition in your turkey version.

Hubs has one pretty good variation though, he has started creating a southwestern style meatloaf which has chunks of green peppers, yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, green chiles, a few serrano peppers, and some cumin and coriander thrown in. You have to experiment so that you don't put in so much extra moisture that the thing won't hold together. Then he serves it with mashed potatoes scooped on the top like "pie a la mode."

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